I am Alex Monday Yakubu a.k.a.”YAYOCKSON”. I live in Lagos State West Africa; though my home state is Kaduna, Kaura Local Government Area,Southern part of  Kaduna . I have been in the business of computers and the internet for long and the advent of blogging had amplified my desire of the internet as a veritable tool which cannot be over emphasized. The ease at which people commune with each other and assess information globally at the click of a computer mouse has made it more interesting and adventurous. Little wonder the love for blogging had become inevitable for all who want to have a say in this century of complicated technology where live and living depends on information driven via computers or internet.

The reasons why I fell in love with the internet and blogging are as follows:

  1. It helps me learn new things
  1. It makes me think clearer
  1. It helps me write better
  1. It builds my confidence
  1. It helps me speak more coherently
  1. It can make me money
  1. It can help me aid good causes
  1. It requires no prior knowledge
  1. It challenges me
  1. It is free (or affordable)
  1. It helps me build an audience
  1. It lets me help other people
  1. It can help me influence public policy
  1. It disciplines me
  1. It helps me build credibility
  1. It helps me get published
  1. It can land me speaking engagements
  1. It can get me consulting deals
  1. It can get me freelance writing gigs
  1. It can promote me art or hobby
  1. It sharpens me observation
  1. It helps me stay in touch with distant friends and family
  1. It advances me resume
  1. It boosts my offline business
  1. It boosts my creativity
  1. It helps me make better choices
  1. It makes me happy
  1. It gives me freedom
  1. It helps me acquire valuable new skills
  1. It eases my personal problems
  1. It allows me document my life
  1. It makes me stand out
  1. It builds my network

Blogging helps me connect with and make friends with people from all walks of life. Thanks to blogging, I’ve come to make friends with people I admire… people everyone else consider as “gurus,” influencers and geniuses.

Again, I’ve met and made friends with many ordinary people making extraordinary impacts. Many of them have helped me grow and maybe one or two of them have got some benefits from me. And I’ve gone ahead to meet many awesome folks who take me as mentors. That feels great.

  1. It helps you live forever

I am YAYOCKSON and that is my Brand.