Happy Birthday Achisan Saviour Benjamin Yakubu

21st of April every year is your birth day. You can also celebrate you birth day on Easter Monday or Galilee Day because that was the day you were born to this world i.e. 21st April 2014 which was Easter Monday. May the Lord bless you by keeping you save from all the dangers of this world in Jesus name. You were 3 years old on 21st April, 2017. Happy Birth Day to you.

8 Bad Habits Are Destroying Your Kidneys Every Day Which You May Not Know

1-78-700x525The kidneys are very important organs. They’re filtering the toxins from the body and they get rid of the excess water. However a lot of people disregard the fact that we should take care of our kidneys and often end up with some kidney disease.

Many people have some really bad habits that often end up harming their kidney. These are :

1. Inadequate water consumption

If you do not drink proper amounts of water, you might be at risk. The main function that our kidneys do, is to drain metabolic waste from our system and balance the erythrocyte in our bodies. When we are not properly hydrated, the renal blood flow significantly decreases. This occurrence leads to accumulation of toxins in the body.

2. Keeping our bladder full for a long time

We should go to a bathroom when we are in a need and we should not prolong this natural process. When we prolong, we face a lot of complications: The formation of the diverticula is caused by hypertrophy of the detrusor muscle. Hydronephrosis (the increase of urine pressure in the kidneys) leads to back pressure on the kidneys and it results in renal failure.

3. Excessive sodium consumption

The salt has a lot of sodium and the majority of our sodium intake needs to be expelled. The kidneys have a hard time when they try to excrete it, which may result in long term stress on our kidneys. Statistics show that 90% of Americans consume salt more than they should.

4. Excessive consumption of caffeine

Many of us, when we are thirsty we usually reach out for drinks like sodas and soft drinks. These drinks contain a lot of caffeine. Caffeine can lead to kidney damage because they elevate the blood pressure.

5. Painkiller abuse

Pain killers for low-grade pain are a bad habit. They can cause serious side effects. Experts warn that taking pain pills long term reduces blood and it deteriorates the function of this organs.

6. Excessive intake of protein

Consuming great amounts of foods that contain protein can damage the kidney condition. Usually it is healthy to consume proteins, but don’t consume it too much if your kidneys are sensitive. Too much protein increases the metabolic loads.

7. Ignoring flu and colds

Do not ignore flu and colds. People who deal with kidney disease also avoid resting while sick. They are sensitive to changes of the weather.

8. Excessive consumption of alcohol

Alcohol in large amounts can cause serious damage to our kidneys. Alcohol has a lot of toxins that can seriously harm our kidneys. So if you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, make sure you do it in a suitable quantity.




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— Timothy Ofoegbu profile —