1. Duper and 419 guys do carefully pick their targets. They even know the name of my wife and ask after her.
2. Greed is what will put you in trouble. Never try to make millons overnight from those you don’t know and business you don’t know about.
3. Always discuss fantastic job offers, business offers and others with other people to know their views
4. Any telephone calls from someone asking you to do a supply to NNPC, other oil companies or government agencies are fakes
5. Never pay anyone to get government jobs, or visa , or contracts or buying a chemical to clean money
6. If a stranger stops you to tell you about goods somewhere that he brought from overseas, start to scream so that their charm will not fall on you
7. Never donate on facebook to any duper claiming to be popular men of God like Pastor Adeboye, FR Mbaka, FR Ozelle, Apostle Sulieman and others
8. Any person promising you marriage on facebook without seeing you maybe be a strange human being.
9. Before accepting any highly profitable business or job or marriage or money from strangers, ask yourself WHY ME?
10. Be contented with what you have and never allow greed to lead you to endless tears and regret

–copied from Bro. Timothy Ofoegbu’s profile—–


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