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Nyioyong nyio fak

Nyioyong nyio fak

As early as 1900s, before amalgamation in 1914, only the Asholio, and two other southern kaduna tribes were independent Tribes I. e. those who were not conquered by the Danroro Jihadist and were therefore, officially gazetted as independent Districts since then.

The Asholio are divided into four Major Clans namely:
1. Ne-Alutswe
2. Ne-Abuwat
3. Ne-Azam
4. Ne – Aswah
Which of the above do you belong to?

El Bonet Da Prince to Asholio Youth Development Network (AYON)


1. Duper and 419 guys do carefully pick their targets. They even know the name of my wife and ask after her.
2. Greed is what will put you in trouble. Never try to make millons overnight from those you don’t know and business you don’t know about.
3. Always discuss fantastic job offers, business offers and others with other people to know their views
4. Any telephone calls from someone asking you to do a supply to NNPC, other oil companies or government agencies are fakes
5. Never pay anyone to get government jobs, or visa , or contracts or buying a chemical to clean money
6. If a stranger stops you to tell you about goods somewhere that he brought from overseas, start to scream so that their charm will not fall on you
7. Never donate on facebook to any duper claiming to be popular men of God like Pastor Adeboye, FR Mbaka, FR Ozelle, Apostle Sulieman and others
8. Any person promising you marriage on facebook without seeing you maybe be a strange human being.
9. Before accepting any highly profitable business or job or marriage or money from strangers, ask yourself WHY ME?
10. Be contented with what you have and never allow greed to lead you to endless tears and regret

–copied from Bro. Timothy Ofoegbu’s profile—–


Arch-Bishop Justin Welby-PMB
Arch-Bishop Welby Justin & President Mohammadu Buhari

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Friday, paid a personal visit to President Muhammadu Buhari at Abuja House, London.
The Archbishop and President Buhari are friends, who share deep respect for each other.
Archbishop Welby said he was delighted to see the rapid recovery President Buhari has made from his health challenges, noting that it was a testimony to the healing powers of God, and answer to prayers of millions of people round the world.
The cleric pledged to continue praying for both President Buhari and Nigeria.
In his response, the Nigerian President thanked Archbishop Welby, whom he noted had always stood by him at critical times, and wished him God’s continued grace in his spiritual duty of leading the Anglican Communion worldwide.
It will be recalled that when former British Prime Minister, David Cameron described Nigeria as a “fantastically corrupt” country ahead of an anti-corruption summit in London in 2016, Archbishop Welby had retorted: “But this particular President (Buhari) is actually not corrupt.”
The Archbishop later personally received the Nigerian President at Lambeth Palace, London, and had also paid a goodwill visit to President Buhari in March this year, during his medical vacation.

Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
August 4, 2017