This is exactly why many haters are

praying for the demise of President Muhammadu Buhari.

This week, over 4 billion naira stashed in the house of an ordinary Managing director of NNPC was recovered. This money was not in bank. Just in the house, while many Nigerians cannot boast of N10,000 in their houses.

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, EFCC convicted over 135 looters in a year and recovered over N130 billion naira from them.

Before now, contracts are awarded to politicians and they go home to enjoy the money without setting a brick in the site. Today, work is going on every part of Nigeria.

The revenue accrued to the nation is now intact. Every month, over 500 billion is shared among the states, lGAs and FG. Federal civil servants are now paid regularly and Federal pensioners are paid pensions and areas in full.

Some state governors take their own share and refuse to pay workers and pensioners in their states, yet facebook activists dont ask questions.

Few days ago, I tried to clear your doubt about Mr President and his health by telling you that I have personally been in contact since he travelled. The wailers said, I am a lair.

On Sunday, President Buhari was ready to come back to Nigeria, but for some advice from Doctors.

VP Osinbajo spoke with Mr President and gave you the account, but he lied. Senate President Bukola Saraki spoke with him and told you, but you insisted he lied. Unknown sources and people in their bedroom that have not gone to Abuja before or know where the gate of Aso Rock is in Abuja told you Mr President is in a london hospital and some other said he is dead and buried and you believed. Aren’t you a fool?

The special thing about your foolishness is that it is a result of wickedness and irrationality with visible elements of hallucination.

Yesterday, Jagaban and Baba Kekeeke were with Mr President and as far as you are concerned. It was photoshopped.

The irony is that many people spreading this news have parents who are below 70yrs of age, but they can no longer walk, work, or run. Many of then visit hospitals every week and month, yet you dont appreciate God for a man who is almost in his late seventies but strong, hearty, works for over 16hrs a day, runs and stands to take salute for several hours.

Those who stashed money in their houses that are yet to be discovered are wishing that President Buhari should die, but unfortunately those who have been incapacitated by their looting are joining them to wish same without knowing why.

Use your tongue to count your teeth and you may just find out your teeth is not up to 32.

~ Jasper Azuatalam

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