Kaduna – a hot spot for ethnic and religious crisis

When I read through these chronicles of events that transpired in our beloved Kaduna State since nearly three decades ago, I asked myself, “when will these inhuman activities come to an end? Can’t we live in peace? Can’t we have peace?”

Kaduna has always been a hot spot for ethnic and religious crisis. Here is a timeline of events that covered two decades. Tell me how El-Rufai became the cause. Every governor had crisis,including Yakowa who hailed from Southern Kaduna.
Kafanchan in 1987, when the Muslim Students Society attacked students of the College of Education. This spread to Zaria, Kaduna, Katsina, etc, where churches were burnt, people killed, property destroyed.
ABU, Zaria in 1988, when Muslim students attacked Christians over victory of Christian student in the students’ union elections. About 107 students were injured, some seriously, whereupon some persons from Zaria City waylaid students travelling home after the university had been closed and killed some of them at Gwargwaji.
Zangon Kataf in 1992, when People attending market were attacked by Zangon Kataf residents
Zangon Kataf in August 1992, described as subsequent riots to the market, when residents of Zangon Kataf and Katafs clashed over control of the market.
1999, ethno religious attacks against Southern Kaduna and other Christians in Kaduna North LGA, and reverberations in Kafanchan and environs.
2000, Sharia riots, when the KDHA arbitrarily proceeded to debate imposition of Sharia in Kaduna State. The riots were in Kaduna, Zaria, Kano, Katsina
2000, at the Federal College of Education, Zaria, when Christian students were attacked and killed and injured, and the Catholic Church burnt by Muslim students in the College.
2001, efforts to move non-Muslims from Kaduna North LGA, after the failure of attempts to impose sharia on Kaduna State.
2002, Birnin Gwari, when a woman was killed, and it was alleged that the killer was wearing a fez cap; one Kataf man who had been away at Zaria when the incident occurred, returned to Birnin Gwar and was killed, several other “Katafs” i.e Southern Kaduna people were killed, their houses and property burnt. opposed to the relocation of the market from the street to a new site across the road.
2002, FCE Zaria, when violent Muslim youth from Tudun Wada, attacked the girls hostel at night, killed, maimed, injured, raped and traumatized the female students.
2002, when violent Muslim protesters attacked Christians under the cover of opposition to Miss World Pageant.
2006, massacre of students at the FCE, Zaria by Muslims from Tudun Wada and Zaria City.
Rahama area in Chawai Chiefdom, when Fulanis attacked the area, and killed some people, and only stopped the assault after the local people organised and fought them off.
2011 post election attacks on Southern Kaduna and other Christians in Zaria, Kaduna, Zonkwa and Kafanchan, following incendiary comments and incitement by political party leaders during the 2011 presidential election.
April 20, 2011, at Anchuna, Ikulu Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf LGA, when Fulani set ablaze the garden surrounding the Reverend Father’s Compound, when they were sighted and chased away, and the fire brought under control
August, 2011, Fulani attacked Gwong communities of Angwan Yaro and Yuli in Kussom District of Gwong Chiefdom, Jema’a LGA, for two days.
August, 2011, at Angwan Rana, Bitaro District, Jaba LGA, when Fulanis operating from Kagarko LGA attacked the community, killed several and seriously injured many others.
August 21, 2011, when Fulani attacked Fadia Bakut, near Zonkwa, killed several people, and severely wounded others.
November 4, 2011, at Tabak, Bajju Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf LGA, when women observing a night vigil at the local church, were attacked, three were instantly killed, many badly wounded.
September 2, 2011, during the Sallah celebration at Kafanchan, when a Sallah procession was allowed to take place under heavy police and military guard, and the celebrants-in-procession carried and waved different weapons, including machetes, knives, swords, cutlasses and other dangerous instruments of war.
November 5 and 6, continued attacks on Fadia, Fadan Kaje, Kurmin Bi, in Bajju Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf LGA.
November 8, when in Angwar Masara in Kafanchan, the village head, Malam Bulus Adamu with his wife, Ladi Adamu, in spite of curfew, was killed by unknown gunmen.
November 9, 2011, at Kafanchan, reactions over continued attacks on villages in Kafanchan in Jema’a and in Zangon Kataf LGA.
December 11, 2011, at Kukum Dutse, Kagoro Chiefdom, Kaura LGA, when Fulani attacked the village, killed the wife of the Ward head, and almost killed the Ward Head and a neighbour.
December, 2011, various dates, when guinea corn farms of four farmers in Dutsen Bako District, and others in Anchuna District, Ikulu Chiefdom, were completely burnt, leading to serious losses of food and investment in these areas.
December 20, 2011 at Fadan Daji, Kagoro Chiefdom, when five people were killed, and sixth person died in the hospital from gunshot wounds, when Fulani attacked the Village. Then there were the riots and crises by Boko Haram and other causes, four this year.



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