The man in the picture is the leader of one of the deadliest kidnapping gangs in Nigeria, The victim that led to their arrest was a 85 year old Woman. An Enugu based online news,, wrote that they abducted the old woman at one of the towns in the Ezeagu L.G,A of Enugu State,
She was tied with ropes to a tree in a tick forest. In the night, the kidnappers will go back to their homes To sleep Leaving her Alone in the Thick Forest For About A Week in heavy rainy season.
They demanded for a ransom of 20 milllion Naira but later agreed on a ransom of 5 million Naira which was immediately paid by family. The woman’s expected a call from them on where to pick their old woman but there was no reply. The case was reported to the anti-kidnapping police squad who arrested the kidnappers. Their leader confessed that the woman died of cold and they buried her in the bush before collecting the ransom. All the the four men in the notorious gang were arrested yesterday.and the woman’s body that they buried has been exhumed for a befitting burial.

—copied from Timothy Ofoegbu


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