If the former Nigerian President (PDP led government) had succeeded in winning the last presidential election no one knows how Nigeria would have been for now. Considering the fact that corruption fight was at its zero level; people (ministers) would have continued looting even with the little revenue that would be entering government accounts and with the thousands of ghost workers on the payroll of federal and state governments, a better word would have been better than “disaster” the Nigeria would become.

Thank God for the miraculous emergence of President Buhari (PMB) who had doe alot to reverse the trend of event in the political sphere of Nigeria. Thank God for CHANGE which is painful anyway but would pave the way for a better Nigeria in the near future.

At least for now some people find it difficult to siphon government money any how and corruption so some extent has dropped significantly. The only people who are enraged by the PMB’s style of fight against looters of the the government treasury are those who benefited from the last government’s corruptness.

What way Nigeria? are we to continue living a life of impunity or to embrace the drastic change that has finally come?


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