Meshach Sunday Kuheps‎ has this to say via
If u ask me what happened to Nigeria

in first 100days of this new
administration?this is what could
easily comes to my mind; Good news
about Buhari is now coming from
NTA network, reduction of politicians
faces from news line all we c now
are technocrats. Stoppage of war
drum from Niger delta war lords. No
more dangerous statements coming
from our politician, Nigerians now
look at Boko Haram as bunch of
misled Nigerians who are now
getting their ass kicked. Refineries
are now working, Fuel importers are
now begging, electricity is now at an
average of 12 to 15hrs a day. Ogoni
is getting cleanup, policing is no
longer for only the rich but the poor,
check point have now varnished,
corrupt government officials are now
retiring themselves while others are
returning their loots voluntarily, IGR
is increasing and external reserve is
also rising dramatically, Now
properties in Abuja are cheaper than
in many other states, Government
and all agencies are now having a
single account TSA, our greedy
banks are no longer collecting
dollars deposit, appointments is now
base on merit, Nigerian politicians
show less interest to be appointed as
ministers, for over a month there was
no statement coming from the first
lady and the wife of the president is
traveling on commercial flights. All
this is done without a minister, is all
done by one man one mind one soul
without the interference of others
what will happen to Nigeria after
ministers are appointed?. What a
change! What a great leader!! Sai


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