Solomon Simon Yayock

Solomon Yayock
Solomon Yayock

solomon_yayock2From December 2013, you have not been seen alive or dead – Wherever you may be now, alive or not; one thing is certain, God will surely unravel the mystery behind your disappearance one day.

May the will of God prevail in your situation in the name of Jesus. To those who planned and succeeded in snatching you away from your family, their season of mourning is just by the corner and I pray they repent to save their souls and those of their families. Amen.


One thought on “Solomon Simon Yayock

  1. Reblogged this on YAYOCKSON HOME and commented:

    Solomon Simon Yayock! We have not seen or heard about your whereabouts two years now (evening of 20th December, 20013). We are sorrowful. Oh God! Where is Solomon? Can we see him again? help us please, wipe away our tears.


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